Healthy Poop

While the topic is poop is hardly the most comfortable, interesting or desirable, it is actually an important one since in many ways our bowel movements are barometers of our health. Healthy poop is something that tells us that our bodies are functioning generally well. Of course, we can never know absolutely everything about what is going on inside our bodies. But we can get decent approximations by monitoring our stools and being aware of the changes in stool.

Healthy poop has a consistency that is not too hard and not too soft. It comes out a solid brown color and has an elongated shape that some people may describe as a sausage-shape. Additionally, healthy poop still has a pretty bad smell. It may seem that it shouldn't have that bad smell, but it does. The smell comes from the different bacteria present in stool and is actually a good sign. If the smell of the stools is extremely foul, then it may be a sign of something not right about the way things are being digested.

Experiencing Un-healthy Stools

Every once in a while, all of us get diarrhea, constipation, or some sort of a stomach virus from bad food. Additionally, we can have completely healthy stools, but something in our diet may make our feces look like something might be very wrong. Red foods or liquids, for example, can make stools look red and people may assume they have blood in their stools while there is really nothing wrong.

Of course, if you have fixed your diet to balance out the colored foods, and your unusual stools persist whether they be diarrhea, constipation of a strange stool color, you might want to get the cause of this diagnosed in case the new chronic condition is caused by something that might be very averse to your health and may need medical attention.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Causing Unhealthy Digestion

Drugs can also have an adverse effect on digestion. There are of course, many different drugs ranging from caffeine, nicotine, various prescription and over the counter drugs. They all have potentiall harmful side effects if taken in large enough doses.

As we all know, drug and alcohol use have a number of problems associated with them. Due to an addiction problem Alcohol goes directly into the bloodstream, meaning that it will affect just about every system and organ in the body. Over the course of a lifetime, alcohol over-use causes the liver to weaken which creates a president for numerous digestion problems. Alcohol also contributes to weight gain which increases chance of high blood pressure, and high blood pressure is associated with many serious health problems, including numerous digestion issues, and a number of cancers of organs within the digestive tract, especially in organs like the esophagus, mouth, larynx, and pharynx. Other organs at risk are the colon, stomach, pancreas and the liver. Some of the other digestive problems that can be caused by excessive alcohol abuse are alcohol poisoning, hepatitis, and liver cirrhosis.

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